Phase two of Ellershouse Wind Farm in Nova Scotia is now generating clean power

Ellershouse Wind Farm launch

Ellershouse, N.S.—Today, the launch of phase two of the Ellershouse Wind Farm is being celebrated by Bullfrog Power®, East Coast Credit Union, developer Minas Energy, and Alternative Resource Energy Authority (AREA), which is the facility owner. AREA, a partnership between the Towns of Antigonish, Berwick and Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia, was created by the towns to reduce energy costs, expand green mandates and develop new revenue streams for the municipalities. The second phase adds three turbines to the original four-turbine wind farm in West Hants, near Ellershouse, Nova Scotia. The project is the first wind development in Nova Scotia to be funded and built independently of the local power authority or any provincial government incentive program.

“Bullfrog Power launched in the Maritimes in 2009 to mobilize and create further demand for renewable energy in the region. The launch of the second phase of the Ellershouse Wind Farm is proof of the impact that our customers, like East Coast Credit Union, are having in growing the amount of renewable energy generated in Nova Scotia,” said Ron Seftel, CEO, Bullfrog Power.

The Ellershouse Wind Farm is the latest wind project supported by Bullfrog Power. Thanks to the support of Bullfrog Power’s customers, the organization has been involved in the commissioning of wind farms across Canada, including some of Ontario’s first wind turbines. In Nova Scotia, Bullfrog Power funded community-based rooftop solar projects with both Hope Blooms and The Deanery Project. Bullfrog Power has also helped to change Canada’s energy landscape by offering innovative new products, including green natural gas in 2012, and, last year, a green fuel product to help businesses address their transportation-related emissions.

“The financial support of Bullfrog Power was important in ensuring the ongoing success of this project. By launching the second phase of the Ellershouse Wind Farm we are demonstrating real progress in developing new, cleaner forms of power for Nova Scotians,” said David Devenne, Mayor of Mahone Bay and AREA Vice Chair.

Today, the seven Enercon E-92 wind turbines have a total capacity of 16.1 megawatts, which is enough to power 4,900 Nova Scotian homes.[1] All three of these towns’ electric utilities as well as the Riverport Electric Light Commission purchase part of their energy requirements from the Ellershouse Wind Farm. In addition, Bullfrog Power sources the green power produced by the facility for its Maritime customers, such as East Coast Credit Union. AREA owns and operates the wind farm.

“Minas Energy believes that local stakeholders are essential in developing new renewable energy throughout Nova Scotia. With the launch of its second phase, we’re proud to see the continuing success of the Ellershouse Wind Farm,” said John Woods, Vice President of Energy Development, Minas Energy.

About Bullfrog Power
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About AREA
The Alternative Resource Energy Authority (AREA) is a partnership between the Towns of Antigonish, Berwick and Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. AREA was created by the towns to reduce energy costs, expand green mandates and develop new revenue streams for the municipalities. The towns all operate electric utilities and distribute power to customers within their service areas.


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Contact AREA: Aaron Long, Director of Business Services, Alternative Resource Energy Authority, 902-497-1447,

[1] non-electrically heated

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