Green Natural Gas


When you choose green natural gas with Bullfrog Power, you make sure that for every unit of natural gas you purchase, a GJ or m3 of natural gas from a climate-friendly source is produced and put onto a pipeline on your behalf.

Our green natural gas comes from organic waste – like apple cores and egg shells – at a Canadian landfill or a wastewater treatment plant. At the sites, we harness the gas released from the decaying material, clean it up and put it on a pipeline, where it replaces the need for conventional natural gas.

When used, green natural gas releases only the carbon dioxide that is part of the natural carbon cycle and would be produced in any event by the decay of organic waste. It is the same carbon dioxide that is needed by the next generation of plants and animals to grow.

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Benefits to you

With green natural gas you:

  • Support a climate-friendly alternative to polluting natural gas
  • Harness energy already around us, part of the carbon cycle
  • Avoid extracting carbon stored within the earth and adding net new carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
  • Help fund new green energy projects across Canada
  • Put more green natural gas into pipelines
  • Help transition Canada to greener energy sources
Trusted and audited green energy
  • Endorsed by WWF-Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation
  • Meets strict environmental standards as defined by ICF International
  • Audited by Deloitte annually to ensure that renewable energy was produced and accurately counted and credited to our customers
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