Sustainability Snapshot 2019: Highlighting Environmental Innovators

Bullfrog Power customers at Sustainability Snapshot 2019 event

  Most members of the bullfrogpowered community have one thing in common: they’ll never be satisfied with the status quo. At our fourth annual Sustainability Snapshot, we invited three environmental innovators to talk about how they’re shaking up their respective industries. Speakers from ZooShare, Dresden Vision, and the Gladstone Hotel shared how they’re putting sustainability…

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Celebrating new solar at the Old Railroad Stop

  Bullfrog Power and BASF join the Hiawatha First Nation in unveiling a new solar installation on the community’s flagship business and gathering place On the shores of Rice Lake in Ontario sits The Old Railroad Stop. A central gathering place for members of the Hiawatha First Nation since the 1850s. The Old Railroad Stop…

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Greener Horizons Toronto: Building credibility with third party certification

Credibility is becoming an increasingly important issue in the sustainability space. Several global institutions are finding a receptive audience when it comes to expansive climate commitments, but the expertise and organizational resources required to meet them can seem daunting. How can businesses recognize new standards of global sustainability leadership without creating a credibility gap for…

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Ricoh Canada marks a decade of supporting renewable electricity with Bullfrog Power


Ricoh Canada and Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, are celebrating a major environmental landmark. For more than a decade, Ricoh Canada has been choosing Bullfrog Power’s green electricity to reduce its environmental impact. With more than 5,500 megawatt hours of electricity put onto the grid on its behalf, Ricoh Canada has displaced more than 900 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the emissions from more than 3.5 million kilometres driven by an average passenger vehicle.

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Oshawa Centre purchases green power to match energy use of all Oshawa households for Earth Hour 2018

Earth Hour 2018: Oshawa Centre

Earth Hour is Saturday, March 24, at 8:30 pm. To celebrate,  Oshawa Centre and Bullfrog Power are partnering to provide enough renewable electricity to bullfrogpower every home in Oshawa for one hour. Through the agreement, Oshawa Centre will purchase 119 MWh of green electricity from Bullfrog Power—equivalent to what 113,285 households in Oshawa use in an hour. In addition, Oshawa Centre will dim its lighting and reduce the running of its HVAC units during Earth Hour.

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BASF Canada reduces its carbon footprint with Bullfrog Power’s green electricity

BASF and Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, have formed a new environmental partnership that will see BASF choose green electricity for its Canadian corporate headquarters, as well its production facilities in Windsor, Cornwall and Etobicoke (ON), Blackie and Nisku (AB), Saint Leonard (QC), and Saskatoon (SK).

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