Green energy isn’t just for homes and businesses—now you can bullfrogpower your special event with green power too!

Reduce your event’s impact, support green energy and show guests that you care about the environment.

How does it work?

Bullfrog ensures the energy being put on the grid on behalf of your event is from clean, renewable sources. No special equipment is required at the event site. We estimate the amount of power you’ll use based on your venue’s square footage; you pay a small premium to ensure that green energy offsets the electricity or gas usage at your event.

We can bullfrogpower all kinds of events—from tradeshows and conferences to concerts, community events and weddings.

Plus, we’ll provide you with cool marketing materials to help show your attendees your event is running on 100% green energy!

Get a quote for your event today!

bullfrogpowered events

Here are just a few of the events that have chosen green power.

David Suzuki Foundation Blue Dot Tour
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Gala
Sam Roberts Band concerts
Sqaumish Valley Music Festival
The JUNO Awards

"We want to lead by example and inspire our fans to take action."

Sam Roberts Band
(Sam Roberts Band bullfrogpowers its Canadian concerts)

"Our wedding was such a special occasion – and it was that much more meaningful knowing we were bullfrogpowering it with green energy."

Lindsay Boyd
Bullfrog customer

"We proudly choose to use green power at our head office, as well as for the charitable events we sponsor. By setting a positive example through our sustainable business practices, we hope to inspire others – both businesses and individuals – to work together and create positive change in our environment and community.”

Natasha Giannopoulos
Chief Sustainability Officer
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