Power Purchase Agreements


Choosing renewable energy has never been as popular—or as critical—as it is now. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are an innovative way for organizations to procure green electricity in Canada, and they enable large power users to make quick and significant progress towards their climate goals.

Bullfrog Power’s PPA solutions enable organizations across Canada to contract directly with renewable energy producers in Alberta’s deregulated market. With the right risk mitigation strategy, PPAs can provide energy cost security—and even potential cost savings.

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Environmental benefits
  • Shrink your organization’s carbon footprint.
  • Help bring new renewable projects online that may not otherwise have been viable.
  • Fight climate change and air pollution.
  • Show other business leaders that emissions-free electricity is the right choice.
Benefits to you
  • Show your customers, employees, and other stakeholders that your organization is committed to supporting renewable energy.
  • Highlight your link to a specific renewable project that your organization helped make viable.
  • With the right expertise to mitigate risk, PPAs can offer a hedge against fluctuating energy prices. PPAs also offer potential cost savings.
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