Green energy is an unusual product. How can you, as a customer, be sure that green energy is genuinely being generated and put on the grid or pipeline on your behalf? Is there any risk that someone else is taking credit for that green energy?

Your safeguard is a green energy audit. Performed by Deloitte, our audits are done annually to ensure that your renewable energy was produced and accurately counted and credited to you or your organization.

Our green energy products are based on a legally binding contract, where we are obligated under the law to retire green energy attributes on your behalf. An audit is the proof you have that we’ve met this commitment.

Bullfrog pioneered the concept of an annual audit for green electricity retailers when we launched in 2005. We also created audits for green natural gas (2011) and green fuel (2016) when we launched those products. And, we publish our emission reductions data and methodology.

You can download all of the audits for each year we’ve been providing the respective products below.

Green Energy Audits

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