The Beer Store announces major expansion of green energy program with Bullfrog Power


The Beer Store and Bullfrog Power celebrate 7 new bullfrogpowered stores across Ontario. L-R: Shaun Lewis, Jim Corbett, Dave Cox, Dave Dick, Linda Fritz.
The Beer Store and Bullfrog Power celebrate 7 new bullfrogpowered stores across Ontario.
L-R: Shaun Lewis, Jim Corbett, Dave Cox, Dave Dick, Linda Fritz.

Toronto, March 2, 2015—Today, Bullfrog Power®, Canada’s leading green energy provider, and the Beer Store, a global environmental leader, are announcing that the Beer Store is doubling the number of bullfrogpowered Beer Store locations. The increase in the Beer Store’s green energy commitment comes less than half a year after the announcement of a green energy pilot program with Bullfrog Power in seven Beer Store locations across Ontario.

“The Beer Store is known as an environmental leader through our successful recycling programs and because we place environmental sustainability at the core of our values,” said Ted Moroz, President, the Beer Store. “By strengthening our partnership with Bullfrog Power, the Beer Store is taking its environmental story in a new direction, building on the success of our green energy pilot program and demonstrating our commitment to developing innovative new ways to make greener choices.”

The Beer Store’s partnership with Bullfrog Power means that Bullfrog’s generators put 100 per cent clean, pollution-free electricity onto the grid to match the power consumption of the Beer Store’s bullfrogpowered locations. There are three newly bullfrogpowered locations in Toronto as well as ones in London, Mississauga, Ottawa and St. Catharines. Across Canada, Bullfrog’s green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities.

“Bullfrog Power provides a practical way for organizations to make rapid, significant and measurable reductions in their environmental impact,” said Shaun Lewis, Vice President, Sales, Bullfrog Power. “By choosing green electricity with Bullfrog Power, the Beer Store is effectively avoiding twice as many emissions and increasing its commitment to advancing new renewable energy projects across Canada.”

In addition to choosing green electricity with Bullfrog Power, the Beer Store engages in a wide range of sustainable business practices. The Beer Store’s sustainability milestones include:

  • Maintaining a program of over 800 redemption locations province wide to take back all the bottles, cans, cartons, caps, kegs, plastic bags and can rings sold to consumers, as well as from the over 17,000 bars and restaurants its products are sold to. All collected materials are either reused or recycled.
  • Sustaining a combined bottle return rate of 98.7 per cent, including the industry standard bottle, which results in the most successful waste diversion program in Ontario.
  • The return systems operated by the Beer Store resulted in material being recycled to higher end use and significantly reduced pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by facilitating the use of refillable industry standard bottles and other refillable containers.
  • The Environmental Choice Leadership Award (2007)—Canada’s first business recipient. 2011 Canadian Stewardship Award from the Conference on Canadian Stewardship. 2011 Globe Award for Environmental Excellence relating to Best Green Retailing Practices.

About Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, offers renewable energy solutions that enable individuals and businesses to reduce their environmental impact, support the development of green energy projects in Canada and help create a cleaner, healthier world. As a Certified B Corporation, Bullfrog Power meets higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Thousands of individuals and businesses in Canada are doing their part to address climate change and air pollution by choosing green energy with Bullfrog Power. Sign up easily, quickly and affordably at

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About the Beer Store
The Beer Store is an Ontario beer retailer established in 1927, operating 448 retail locations where customers can choose from more than 400 beer brands, from over 100 brewers around the world.

Since 1927, the Beer Store has kept approximately 70 billion beer bottles from ending up in Ontario landfill sites—stacked end to end, that’s enough to make 25 trips to the moon and back!

The Beer Store is committed to the responsible sale of alcohol, and takes that commitment very seriously, whether it’s through the WeID 25 Program or refusal to sell to intoxicated customers. Social responsibility is a core value at the Beer Store.

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