The Advisor Carbon Neutrality Program

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The Cooperators

The Co-operators is pleased to be offering this unique, corporately-funded program to all Financial Advisors at no charge. Making a renewable energy choice for your office with Bullfrog Power creates a positive impact on your community and the planet. In addition, a carbon offset purchase will be made on behalf of your agency, enabling you to be carbon neutral.

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The bullfrogpowered advantage – tools to promote your commitment to sustainability

As part of the Bullfrog Power community, you will receive and be able to take advantage of a program of specialized tools. These will help you visibly demonstrate alignment with The Co-operators sustainability objectives and spark meaningful conversations with clients on sustainability issues and the various initiatives and solutions offered by The Co-operators.

Co-branded decal

Co-branded decal


Co-branded counter card

Cooperators Certificate

Co-branded certificate

Bullfrog USB

A USB drive with standard communication tools

Cooperators FAQ poster

FAQ poster included on USB drive

Cooperators digital screen

Digital screen content included on USB drive

How It Works

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When you choose to participate in the Advisor Carbon Neutrality Program, Bullfrog Power’s generators put 100% renewable electricity onto the grid on behalf of your office. You continue to draw electricity from the grid and pay your conventional electricity bill (if you receive one) just as you always have. There is no cost associated with your participation in the program.

In addition, a carbon offset purchase will be made on behalf of your agency, neutralizing the carbon emissions associated with the remainder of your office energy use.

A message from Rob Wesseling


The fact that nearly all our Financial Advisors participate in the Advisor Carbon Neutrality Program shows that they see great value in the program. By letting people know your office is powered with renewable energy and carbon neutral, you can open opportunities to engage your clients in conversations about sustainability and differentiate your agency as one that is committed to catalyzing a sustainable, resilient Canada.

We continue to invest in this program as it aligns with our strategic objective to enhance the resilience of Canadians and their communities. It is also a significant achievement within the Advisors for Sustainable Communities Program.

By choosing to participate, you will be demonstrating to existing and future clients that you care about the things that matter to them, their families, and their communities.

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