Bullfrog Power opens the door to cleaner transportation with the launch of green fuel

Toronto, June 26, 2015—Today, Bullfrog Power®, Canada’s leading green energy provider, is launching green fuel, a new solution to help advance the shift to a more renewably powered transportation system. Bullfrog Power’s green fuel is an earth-friendly, renewable alternative to liquid fossil fuel, allowing climate-conscious businesses in Canada to reduce the environmental impact of their…

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Guest post: David Suzuki on transportation and sustainability

David Suzuki

Science Matters is David Suzuki’s weekly column on issues related to science and the environment, published by the David Suzuki Foundation. In a recent column, David Suzuki and Ian Hanington weighed in on the relationship between our transportation habits and climate change. Read his thoughts here and be sure to learn more about Bullfrog’s own sustainable transportation…

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