Solar-powered hockey rinks – supported by Bullfrog community – celebrate 275 carbon neutral days!

Oilfields Regional Arena

The Town of Black Diamond, Alberta was named in 1907 for the coal mine opened in the town more than 100 years ago. Flash forward to 2017—and Black Diamond is now home to eight green energy projects and counting. It’s setting an example for municipalities across Canada that transitioning to renewables step by step is well within reach!

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Bullfrog Power and the Town of Black Diamond celebrate first net zero month at Oilfields Regional Arena solar project

Calgary—Bullfrog Power®, Canada’s leading green energy provider, and the Town of Black Diamond are announcing a new milestone at the joint Oilfields Regional Arena solar project: the first net zero month. That means that the solar array is capable of providing clean, pollution-free power for 100 per cent of the arena’s electricity requirements. “This project…

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