Bullfrog signs a PPA to support the construction of Canada’s eighth largest solar project!

Rendering of the upcoming Burdett and Yellow Lake solar project

Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) enabled well over 9 GW of wind and solar development in the United States last year, and now they’re bringing new renewable opportunities to Canadian businesses—a PPA recently made Alberta’s first utility-scale solar project possible. We launched Bullfrog’s PPA solutions last year, and we believe in these agreements so strongly that we signed one ourselves! We’re delighted to be…

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Care about a sustainable future?

Join Bullfrog Power, a Spark Power company, and premier sponsors ABB and Alectra Inc. for the inaugural Future of Power conference at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, ON. What is The Future of Power? It’s a conversation about the technological, social, and environmental trends impacting the way Canadian businesses and utilities operate and interact with the people they serve.

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