Less Emissions now offers corporate shipping offsets, with Freightzy leading the way

Carbon neutral shipping

Here at Bullfrog Power, we make it simple to choose green energy alternatives. But not all aspects of your carbon footprint are that easy to shrink. Less Emissions, our sister company, provides high-quality carbon offsets to help businesses and individuals address the emissions that are difficult to reduce or eliminate, like those from air travel….

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Snapshot of Benevity: how to weave sustainability into everything you do

  Sustainability means different things to different people. To April Vande Beek, Benevity’s Manager of Communications and Culture, sustainability goes far beyond protecting the environment—it’s about making sure that a company’s overall impact on the world is a good one. Benevity’s mission—or moonshot, as they call it—is to act as a catalyst to infuse a…

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