Beau’s announces line-up to their greenest Oktoberfest celebration yet

  Do you have Oktoberfest plans yet? Okay, it’s not even summer, but that doesn’t mean that Beau’s isn’t already looking ahead to one of the biggest events in their beer calendar. And if you care about the environment as much as good beer, you might be interested to know that this year’s Beau’s Oktoberfest,…

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TD greens 100 per cent of energy footprint at Vancouver branches through innovative renewable energy collaboration with Bullfrog Power

TD Bank Group and Bullfrog Power

INFOGRAPHIC: How Bullfrog Power’s green energy solution helps TD to address the energy footprint for its Vancouver branches and a portion of its business-related travel.  Vancouver, BC—Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, and TD Bank Group are collaborating on a first-of-a-kind green energy solution, encompassing the full suite of Bullfrog’s renewable energy products –…

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The Forest Products Association of Canada and the Canadian Wood Council bullfrogpower Head Offices as part of “30 by 30” Climate Challenge

Bullfrog Power - FPAC - CWC banner

The commitment, announced in conjunction with the industry’s National Forest Week celebrations, builds on FPAC’s ambitious “30 by 30” Climate Challenge that proposes to remove 30 megatonnes of CO2 a year by 2030—more than 13 per cent of the federal government’s entire goal.

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With Grand Opening of King’s Lock Craft Distillery, Ontario’s craft distillery scene continues to grow

King's Lock Craft Distillery

Johnstown, ON—King’s Lock Craft Distillery, a new craft distillery located in Johnstown, 5 Newport Drive, is announcing that its Opening Ceremony is taking place today, August 25, 2016, at 11 am. The ceremony will feature a short ribbon cutting dedication and a guided tour of the stills that will explain how spirits are made. King’s…

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Granville Island Brewing is the first bullfrogpowered brewery in British Columbia

Granville Island Brewing

One of Canada’s first microbreweries is now one of the greenest  Vancouver—Bullfrog Power®, Canada’s leading green energy provider, and Granville Island Brewing (Granville) are announcing a new partnership that makes Granville the first brewery in British Columbia to choose 100 per cent green electricity and 100 per cent green natural gas for its operations. As…

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VersaCold: How green energy is working for the supply chain industry


Sustainability is increasingly a watchword for the supply chain and cold storage industries. For VersaCold Logistics Services, Canada’s largest supply chain company focused exclusively on the handling of temperature sensitive products, addressing energy use is a core part of its sustainability strategy. Through its commitment to continuously improving sustainability measures to achieve greater environmental responsibility,…

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MEC goes all-in on renewable energy for all of its facilities

MEC and Bullfrog Power

Retailer sources green electricity, green natural gas from Bullfrog Power Vancouver—Today Bullfrog Power®, Canada’s leading green energy provider, and MEC, Canada’s leading outdoor retailer, are announcing a significant expansion of their environmental partnership. MEC is committing to a 100 per cent renewably powered future by choosing both green electricity and green natural gas for all…

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Your Credit Union becomes the first credit union in Canada to choose both 100 per cent green electricity and 100 per cent green natural gas with Bullfrog Power

Office worker at desk

Ottawa—Today, Bullfrog Power®, Canada’s leading green energy provider, and Your Credit Union, a financial services co-operative with branches in Ottawa and Cornwall, are announcing a new environmental partnership. Your Credit Union will become the first credit union in Canada to completely bullfrogpower its locations with both 100 per cent green electricity and 100 per cent…

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