Lowe-Martin Group’s Pat Coyne on the value of partnerships in CSR

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The Path Forward is a collection of insights from Canadian business leaders at the forefront of sustainability in our country. Pat Coyne, Vice President Business Development, Lowe-Martin Group, shared his thoughts on the value of partnerships in corporate social responsibility.  You can access our free The Path Forward eBook in full below this article.  We believe the…

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Greener Horizons: What is the social responsibility of business? How leading businesses in Canada are acting on an evolving social mandate.

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There has been a profound shift in the social role of business. Savvy consumers are researching the companies they purchase from, leading to demands for greater transparency. Some businesses have in turn adopted an approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) that focuses on mitigating brand risks by avoiding socially questionable business practices—but are they missing a…

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