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Residential Sign Up

It's never been easier to choose green!

Residents of any house, apartment, or condo can easily sign up for Bullfrog's green electricity, green natural gas product, or both!

  • Signing up takes less than 10 minutes
  • No start up cost, special equipment or wiring is required
  • No contract lock-in—you can cancel your Bullfrog Power agreement at any time simply by notifying us. There is no financial penalty
  • You will continue to receive a bill from your current electricity and/or natural gas provider, and Bullfrog will send you a separate bill for the additional cost of greening your services
  • It's less than $1.70 a day to green your whole home!*
Green electricity 2.5 cents per kWh Less than $0.75 a day*
Green natural gas $3.48 per GJ Less than $1 a day*
Both green electricity
and green natural gas
Discount if you sign
up for both: 5% off green natural gas product
Less than $1.70 a day*

Learn more about our energy sources in British Columbia

Home-based business?

If you would like to sign up a home-based business and receive our marketing benefits as part of becoming bullfrogpowered, please use our business sign-up form.

Still have a few questions? Visit our B.C. FAQs area.

If you need any help during the sign-up process, please call:
1.877.360.3464 (Monday - Friday ,7:00AM - 4:00PM Pacific Time)

* The additional cost for the average home in British Columbia.
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