Sam Roberts Band plugs-in to Bullfrog Power’s green electricity for their Lo-Fantasy tour

Toronto—Today, Bullfrog Power is announcing that JUNO Award-winning Sam Roberts Band is now choosing 100 per cent clean, pollution-free electricity for the Canadian dates of their Lo-Fantasy Tour. Bullfrog Power is helping Sam Roberts Band to reduce the environmental impact of their tour while at the same time supporting the development of new green energy projects all across Canada.

“Whenever a band is on tour, it takes up resources and produces greenhouse gas emissions—and all of that has an impact on our environment,” explains Sam Roberts. “By choosing Bullfrog Power’s green energy for our Lo-Fantasy tour, we’re reducing that impact and getting the word out that supporting green energy is something all of us can do today to take action on climate change. ”

In 2012, Sam Roberts was the first ever Sustainability Ambassador for the bullfrogpowered JUNO Awards—an event Bullfrog has been supporting with green energy for the last seven years.

But how does Bullfrog Power provide green energy for events and concerts like the bullfrogpowered dates on Sam Roberts Band’s Lo-Fantasy tour? For each date, Bullfrog Power’s generators put 100 per cent green electricity onto the grid to match the power consumption of Sam Roberts Band’s bullfrogpowered show. Across Canada, Bullfrog’s green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities.

“Musicians and artists have a unique ability to inspire and connect with us all on a deeper level—and it’s that kind of connection that we need to help share our vision for a greener future,” says Bullfrog Power Vice President Josephine Coombe. “By supporting renewable energy with Bullfrog Power, Sam Roberts Band joins the thousands of Canadians who are helping us to make that cleaner, brighter future a reality.”

Bullfrog Power works with artists and musicians across Canada to raise awareness about the importance of choosing renewable energy and the need to take action on climate change. In just the past year, Bullfrog Power has provided green energy for the 2014 JUNO Awards, The Sheepdogs’ Canadian tour dates (see: and all of the dates of David Suzuki Foundation’s Blue Dot Tour, which is growing a movement to recognize the right to a healthy environment. By choosing green power for their Lo-Fantasy tour into 2015, Sam Roberts Band joins a strong tradition of Canadian artists standing up for the environment.

Sam Roberts Band’s Lo-Fantasy tour includes Canadian dates in Western Canada and Ontario through November as well as dates in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal in 2015. For more information on the band, including tickets, merchandise and music, visit

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