Renewables for Canada’s next generation: Introducing Bullfrog Power for Student Life

Bullfrog Power launches new product that gives students the power to choose green energy

Toronto—Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, is announcing the launch of a landmark new product: Bullfrog Power for Student Life. This unique green energy offering is tailored to the lives of students and is now available in Canada. With Bullfrog Power for Student Life, students across Canada can join the bullfrogpowered community in fighting climate change and helping to build more renewable energy projects.

The ability to take practical action on climate change is already being met with enthusiasm from students. “Many of us are really worried about climate change, air pollution and our energy sources,” said Gaspard Bijon, a student at Western University. “Bullfrog Power for Student Life gives us a way to make a difference in our own lives—and it gives us a voice on the issue. I hope more students sign up so collectively we can let the world know that Canadian students strongly support the transition to renewable energy.”

With Bullfrog Power for Student Life, 2,080 kWh of green energy is injected onto the Canadian electricity system on behalf of the customer. 2,080 kWh represents the average estimated electricity usage of a post-secondary student over an 8-month school year. Bullfrog’s green electricity is sourced from Canadian wind and low-impact hydro power generators, rather than polluting sources such as coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear. Bullfrog Power’s green electricity commitments are audited annually by Deloitte.

“Students have always been at the front lines of social change,” said Josephine Coombe, Vice President, Consumer Sales and Marketing, Bullfrog Power. “That’s why all of us at Bullfrog are thrilled about providing the next generation with a new way to help build a clean energy future for Canada.”

“WWF Canada has long been a supporter of Bullfrog Power because we understand that advancing green energy is essential to addressing climate change,” said David Miller, President and CEO, WWF-Canada. “Bullfrog Power for Student Life is a powerful way for students to lead the way in changing our energy consumption behaviours.”

Bullfrog Ambassadors will be visiting campuses across Canada to bring the new green energy option to students. Look out for Bullfrog Power for Student Life booths at campus events this fall.

Bullfrog Power for Student Life is now available at

About Bullfrog Power
Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, offers renewable energy solutions that enable individuals and businesses to reduce their environmental impact, support the development of green energy projects in Canada and help create a cleaner, healthier world. As a Certified B Corporation, Bullfrog Power meets higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Thousands of individuals and businesses in Canada are doing their part to address climate change and air pollution by switching to green energy with Bullfrog Power. Sign up easily, quickly and affordably at

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