Real Food for Real Kids signs on as Bullfrog Power’s first and only “edu-caterer”



Toronto, March 20, 2015—Bullfrog Power®, Canada’s leading green energy provider, are announcing that Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK), Canada’s leading healthy kids catering company and nationally renowned “edu-caterer,” is choosing 100 per cent green natural gas for its food manufacturing facility and office in Toronto. Real Food for Real Kids joins the growing number of Canadian organizations supporting the development of new renewable power generation across Canada with Bullfrog Power.

“The more than 15,000 kids we serve each day at childcare centres, schools and camps value the environment and so do we,” said David Farnell, Chief Executive Officer of Real Food for Real Kids.  “It’s important that we always find ways to conserve resources and improve our operations, all while having fun!  We’re excited to partner with Bullfrog because it will allow us to support clean, renewable energy and help engage and educate children and families about the great ways they can play a role in protecting the environment.”

Through the agreement, Bullfrog Power’s generators inject green natural gas onto the national pipeline system to match the amount of conventional natural gas used by RFRK’s manufacturing facility and office. Sourced from a unique, ground-breaking methane-capture project situated on one of Canada’s landfill sites, Bullfrog’s green natural gas is a climate-friendly alternative to conventional, polluting natural gas. Through this innovative technology, biogas is captured, cleaned up, and put onto the national natural gas pipeline, displacing fossil fuel-based gas and reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

“We are excited to welcome Real Food for Real Kids to the bullfrogpowered community,” said Anthony Santilli, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Bullfrog Power. “By choosing clean, pollution-free energy, Real Food for Real Kids is reducing its environmental impact and supporting the growth of green energy projects across Canada.”

In addition to choosing green energy with Bullfrog Power, Real Food for Real Kids’ sustainability initiatives include:

  • Using the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Vans equipped with 4-cylinder BlueTec Diesel engines that offer superior fuel economy compared to other vehicles in its class;
  • Using durable, BPA-free reusable containers as part of its litter-less Real Food Lunch Club program that serves more than 2,000 lunches a day to kids in elementary schools across Toronto and diverts up to 400,000 disposable plates and forks from landfills over a 40-week school year;
  • Committing to sourcing and purchasing as much local food and products as practical.

About Bullfrog Power
Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, offers renewable energy solutions that enable individuals and businesses to reduce their environmental impact, support the development of green energy projects in Canada and help create a cleaner, healthier world. As a Certified B Corporation, Bullfrog Power meets higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Thousands of individuals and businesses in Canada are doing their part to address climate change and air pollution by choosing green energy with Bullfrog Power. Sign up easily, quickly and affordably at

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About Real Food for Real Kids
Founded in 2004, Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK) has become Canada’s leading healthy catering company for kids in childcare centres, elementary schools and camps—making the list of Canada’s 100 Best Workplaces in 2011 and 2012, and frequently winning awards of excellence with the Green Toronto Awards. RFRK prepares and delivers nutritious and delicious hot lunches and snacks, made fresh-from-scratch for over 15,000 kids daily throughout the GTA. RFRK focuses on wholesome nutrition and global flavours, while using as much Ontario-grown and organic food as the seasons and customers’ budgets allow. RFRK’s mission is to enable and inspire healthy eating, and to have a rockin’ good time while doing it!
Contact Bullfrog Power
Jon McKay
Public Relations Manager
Tel: 416.360.3464 ext 239

Contact Real Food for Real Kids

AJ Goodman
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Tel:  416.410.5437

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