Green Fuel

Transportation is one of Canada’s leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Maybe you’re not ready for your new EV just yet. You can still take action and reduce your footprint today.

Bullfrog’s green fuel comes from used cooking oils from restaurants and kitchen facilities and waste streams from food manufacturing.

This earth-friendly, renewable alternative to fossil fuel empowers us to offset our transportation-related emissions. It’s a practical, affordable choice that we can all make today.

It works the same way as our other green energy products – we inject green fuel into the Canadian fuel pool to match the amount of regular fuel you use. Nothing changes on your vehicle and you fill up at the pump as usual.

See how green fuel works

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How green fuel works

Bullfrog Green Fuel diagram

Our green fuel suppliers repurpose waste streams from food manufacturing and used cooking oils from restaurants — and turn that waste into biodiesel. We work with suppliers and distributors to ensure that biofuel is produced, blended into transportation fuel and distributed across the Canadian fuel system.

When you sign up for green fuel, Bullfrog makes sure that for every litre of traditional fossil fuel your vehicle uses, a litre of green fuel is blended into the Canadian fuel system. Our distributors transport the green fuel to organizations that can use it, such as those with fleets of trucks, buses and other machines that can run on green fuel. The more green fuel we blend into the fuel system, the less reliant we are on petroleum-based products and the more we can reduce our impact on the environment.

Your vehicle doesn't use the green fuel directly, so there are no changes required to your vehicle and you fill up at the pump as usual. The green fuel is going into the Canadian fuel system on your behalf, helping to reduce the overall environmental footprint of transportation in Canada.

You will receive a monthly bill for your green fuel services accounting for the amount of fuel your vehicle uses. Any type of combustion-powered vehicle can be bullfrogpowered with green fuel.

What makes green fuel eco-friendly?

Green fuel is low-carbon, providing at least an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions vs. conventional petroleum-based fuel. And, since it's sourced from waste products that already exist, such as used cooking oils from restaurants, it avoids food vs. fuel conflicts. In other words, new crops don't need to be grown in order to create this clean fuel source — instead, it's made from waste products.