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Invest in the environment and grow your business.

More and more, Canadians are wanting to support companies doing their best to protect the environment.

By making one simple choice for green energy, you can:

  • Ensure your power comes from clean, green sources
  • Help fund new green energy projects across Canada
  • Fight climate change and air pollution
  • Align your brand with environmental stewardship
  • Increase your appeal to environmentally conscious consumers

Let’s get started.

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The bullfrogpowered advantage

Environmental benefits

By choosing Bullfrog’s green energy, you can eliminate your organization’s emissions footprint and help displace energy from polluting sources on our systems.

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Brand benefits

Once a customer, you will receive the bullfrogpowered advantage, a package with specialized tools to help you align your brand with environmental stewardship.

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Canada's favourite companies are choosing green power.

The Bullfrogpowered Green Index
  • Beau's logo
  • Quadrangle Architects
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  • logo

“We are proud to reduce the environmental impact of our products and share the importance of renewable energy with our consumers.”

Margaret Hudson
Burnbrae Farms Limited

We love the association between our brand and Bullfrog Power's. It shows our customers that we care about the environment and it provides our brand additional validation. Bullfrog is helping to build our brand!

Eugene Ace

“Making the choice for green energy is one important way for us to help do our part.”

Michael McDonald

"Choosing Bullfrog works hand-in-hand with energy reduction in achieving our studio’s goal of reducing our impact on the environment."

Ted Shore
Quadrangle Architects Limited

“Not only has Bullfrog Power helped us achieve our environmental goals, we work together to foster business relationships with their partners.”

Tony Weller
Sales Manager
Mills Office Productivity
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