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“I want to support the environment—but is renewable energy the right choice?”

We know you want to run your business in an environmentally-friendly way, but you need to be sure that your money is going to a trusted solution with real-world impact.

Bullfrog helps your organization take meaningful action for the environment:

  • Choose from green electricity, green natural gas and green fuel to credibly reduce your energy-related emissions footprint.
  • Help transform Canada’s energy landscape by displacing polluting forms of energy, such as coal, natural gas and nuclear on our energy systems.
  • Be confident that you are choosing high quality products (including EcoLogoM-certified green electricity) that are annually audited so you can stand by your carbon emissions reduction claims.
  • Support a solution that is currently trusted by more than 1,500 small businesses and environmental NGOs across Canada.

Reunion Island

"We're committed to doing our part to create a healthier environment not just for our children and the community, but for future generations as well. Choosing green electricity is an important initiative for us as we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment."

Adam Pesce, Director of Coffee
Reunion Island Coffee
Steam Whistle

"For more than a decade, we’ve been choosing Bullfrog Power's 100% green electricity because we believe in investing in the future by minimizing our footprint today. Customers say our Pilsner tastes even better knowing it’s made with earth-friendly practices."

Tim Mclaughlin, Director of Marketing
Steam Whistle Brewing
The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

"Bullfrog Power has been an amazing company to partner with in our efforts to run a sustainable and environmentally conscious business. The Grizzly Paw believes that by taking a stand to reduce as much waste as possible, by choosing power from clean, green sources, and community involvement, we will be a pillar of environmental stewardship in the Bow Valley."

Heather Johnson, Green Team, Straws Suck Campaign & Pub Assistant Manager
The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company
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