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“We want to extend our environmental commitment beyond reducing our own carbon footprint—and further give back to our community. Will a renewable energy purchase help?”

When you purchase Bullfrog’s renewable energy, you reduce your emissions footprint and support community-based renewable energy programs across Canada. Renewable projects with Indigenous Peoples, solar projects on schools and hockey rinks, and installations with renewable energy co-ops are all examples of projects we’ve supported to date.

Our projects become YOUR projects and stories to tell. Engage your customers, staff and communities with inspiring stories about how you’re growing renewables across Canada. We regularly send out fresh, customizable content for you to share.

Our projects—140 to date—are helping to:

  • Launch innovative renewable energy programming in Canada such as solar gardens (popular in Europe) and solar virtual net metering (already catching on the US).
  • Enable non-profits to reduce their operating costs by transitioning to renewables.
  • Provide educational opportunities for young people on the benefits of clean energy.
  • Enable Indigenous Peoples to become energy independent and access cleaner, healthier air and water.
  • Provide important skills training to a new generation of Canadians.

Earnest Ice Cream logo

"Choosing green energy is only natural for us—it's a way to protect the land that produces the local ingredients that are crucial to our ice cream. Through Bullfrog, we're also able to support community-based renewable energy projects that empower communities and protect the land too."

Benjamin Ernst, Co-owner
Earnest Ice Cream
East Coast Credit Union logo

"By supporting green energy with Bullfrog Power, we’re reducing our environmental footprint and supporting new renewable energy projects in communities across Canada, such as the Ellershouse Wind Farm here in Nova Scotia."

Ken Shea, CEO and President
East Coast Credit Union
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