“I’m looking for ways to make my company stand out—can a renewable energy purchase help?”

A commitment to renewable energy demonstrates environmental leadership, helping to elevate your brand and set your products and services apart in the marketplace.

As a bullfrogpowered organization, your business can:

  • Appeal to Canada’s growing segment of eco-conscious consumers.
  • Leverage the bullfrogpowered mark on your packaging, letting consumers know your product is made with 100% clean, pollution-free energy.
  • Take advantage of Bullfrog’s expertise in environmental communications and deep affiliations with environmental groups.
  • Access turnkey marketing solutions—including draft press releases, social media posts, signage and more—to help communicate your choice for renewable energy.

Reunion Island

"At Reunion Island, we are committed to doing our part to create a healthier environment not just for our children and the community, but for future generations as well. Choosing renewable electricity is an important initiative for us as we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment."

Adam Pesce
Director of Relationships
Reunion Island
Steam Whistle

"For a decade we’ve been choosing Bullfrog Power 's 100% renewable energy because we believe in investing in the future by minimizing our footprint today. Customers say our Pilsner tastes even better knowing it’s made with earth-friendly practices."

Sybil Taylor
Communications Director
Steam Whistle Brewing