“We need the most credible solutions provider to meet our emissions reduction mandate—can Bullfrog Power help?”

Bullfrog Power is Canada’s leading renewable energy provider, trusted by global corporations and Canada’s environmental NGO community. With products that cover Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, Bullfrog provides a simple and scalable solution that can be a CSR starting point or an integral part of a Science Based Targets Initiative.

What makes Bullfrog’s renewable energy a credible environmental solution?

  • Audits. Every year, our customers’ renewable energy purchases are verified by Deloitte to ensure your renewable energy was produced and accurately counted and credited to your organization.
  • Regional sourcing. Our green electricity, green natural gas and green fuel supply is 100% Canadian. With Bullfrog, you are helping to green our country’s energy systems, and impacting our local air and water quality.
  • Accreditation. CDP has accredited Bullfrog Power as its first and only Canadian renewable energy partner. Bullfrog’s renewable energy meets the highest environmental standards, such as EcoLogoM certification for renewable electricity. Promote that you are choosing the highest quality green energy.
  • Impact. The bullfrogpowered community has cumulatively displaced more than 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 and provided critical funding to over 140 community-based renewable energy projects across Canada. Be part of a movement taking meaningful action to protect Canada’s environment.

Reunion Island

"At Reunion Island, we are committed to doing our part to create a healthier environment not just for our children and the community, but for future generations as well. Choosing renewable electricity is an important initiative for us as we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment."

Adam Pesce
Director of Relationships
Reunion Island
Steam Whistle

"For a decade we’ve been choosing Bullfrog Power 's 100% renewable energy because we believe in investing in the future by minimizing our footprint today. Customers say our Pilsner tastes even better knowing it’s made with earth-friendly practices."

Sybil Taylor
Communications Director
Steam Whistle Brewing