bullfrogpower your business

“Can a renewable energy purchase help us achieve brand lift?”

Bullfrog Power is the only renewable energy company that provides award-winning marketing support that enables​ customers to optimize the brand ROI of a renewable energy commitment.

Upon signing up for Bullfrog’s renewable energy, your organization has access to:

  • Customized marketing plans that include PR, social media and internal/external communications strategies.
  • The bullfrogpowered mark to leverage on​-​pack, ​instantly ​letting consumers know your product was made with 100% clean, pollution-free energy.
  • Bullfrog’s in-house marketing staff who have unique expertise in environmental communications and deep affiliations with environmental groups.
  • Regular brand exposure to Bullfrog’s community of more than 20,000 socially conscious consumers.

Unilever logo

"All of Unilever’s brands are on a journey towards reducing their environmental footprint and increasing their positive social impact. Those with a strong tie to sustainable living, such as Ben & Jerry’s and Hellmann’s, continue to lead the way with above average growth over the past several years. Choosing Bullfrog Power's green energy for these and other Unilever brands in Canada continues to be a big part of how we’re reducing our environmental footprint here."

John Coyne, SVP Legal & External Affairs
Unilever Canada
KRP Properties

"Bullfrog gives us a way to put our values up front and to build the kind of brand loyalty that lasts."

Terry Young, Director of Property Management
KRP Properties

"When our customers see the bullfrogpowered logo on our mailing systems, they know that we’re serious about our commitment to corporate social responsibility."

Lou Gizzarelli, President
Neopost Canada
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