Bullfrog Power is offering a green energy solution customized for your Modo Yoga Studio.

By choosing green electricity, your studio can reduce its environmental impact, fight climate change and air pollution, and create a cleaner, healthier world.

Green energy for your studio
$115.62/month CAD

Your green energy purchase will include:

  • 75 MWh clean, renewable electricity annually*
  • 11.5 tonnes of CO2e emissions reductions per year—equivalent to the carbon produced by burning 1,294 litres of gas!
  • Marketing tools to help communicate your support for green energy

*Studio electricity usage derived after averaging the electricity use of more than 50 Moksha Yoga studios across Canada. Individual studios can change their usage any time by contacting business@bullfrogpower.com

Marketing tools to communicate your support for green energy

Once a customer, you will receive a package with specialized tools to help you align your brand with environmental stewardship, attract green-minded customers and strengthen employee loyalty.

Bullfrog certificate
Certificate to show your commitment to green energy
Social media templates to help you share the news with your online community
Window decal indicating your business is choosing 100% green energy
Media and marketing templates to help you get the word out