Benefits of choosing Bullfrog’s green energy

By choosing Bullfrog Power’s green energy, you can eliminate your organization’s emissions footprint and help displace energy from polluting sources on our energy systems. Your organization also supports the development of new green energy projects in your local community and across Canada.

Reduce your environmental impact
Bullfrog’s generators put 100% clean, renewable energy onto the grid or pipeline to match the amount of electricity or natural gas your organization uses. You reduce your organization’s environmental impact and take meaningful action against climate change and air pollution.

Support the green energy industry in Canada
By paying a premium for green energy, you help make renewable energy facilities economically viable for Canadian operators and provide the market demand to grow an industry that can play a leading role in our fight against climate change.

Help bring new, community-based green energy projects online
Bullfrog Power uses our customers’ support to help fund new, community-based green energy projects across the country. Our projects to date include solar panels on schools and community centres, solar power systems with Indigenous Peoples and support to a community-owned wind farm.

Access the highest quality green energy in Canada
Bullfrog’s green electricity comes exclusively from new, local wind and hydro facilities that have been certified as low impact. Bullfrog’s green natural gas facilities meet strict environmental standards as defined by ICF International.

Choose power sourced in Canada
Bullfrog has always sourced exclusively from Canadian projects within our customers’ regions. Canadian sourcing ensures your green power purchase positively affects our air quality, and strengthens the Canadian economy.

Choose green energy that is audited annually by an independent third party
Bullfrog Power is committed to transparent, reliable reporting that provides our customers and the industry with trustworthy and defensible information on the environmental benefits of your green energy purchase. Bullfrog Power is currently the only electricity retailer to publish a Green Energy audit, setting a new standard for reporting.

Choose a green power product endorsed by Canada’s environmental and health leaders
Bullfrog has earned the support of the leading Canadian not-for-profit environmental and health groups in Canada. WWF-Canada, Environmental Defence, the Pembina Institute, the David Suzuki Foundation, Pollution Probe, and many others, not only support Bullfrog – they also choose Bullfrog for their own operations.

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