Bullfrog Power – Canada’s trusted source for green energy

Green energy is an unusual product in that you can’t touch, taste or see it. So how can you be sure Bullfrog does what it says it will do – that green energy will be generated and put on the grid on your behalf? Bullfrog Power is committed to the values of transparency and accountability and since 2005, we’ve been working hard to remain Canada’s trusted source for green energy.

Bullfrog – the audited choice Bullfrog pioneered the concept of an annual audit for green electricity retailers when it launched in 2005. Every year, our customers’ green energy purchases are verified by Deloitte to ensure their renewable energy was produced and accurately counted and credited to them. Our contributions to green energy projects are also audited annually by Deloitte. View Bullfrog’s audits.
Bullfrog – the highest quality green energy Bullfrog sources the highest quality green electricity from 100% Canadian new renewable energy facilities. Our energy comprises certified low-impact hydro and wind power with at least 50% sourced from within the customer’s region. We only source electricity from facilities that have received EcoLogoM certification.

Bullfrog’s green natural gas comes from organic waste – like apple cores and egg shells – at a Canadian landfill or a wastewater treatment plant. Our green natural gas meets strict environmental standards set by ICF International.

We source our green fuel from biodiesel producers that repurpose waste streams such as cooking oils from restaurants. Bullfrog’s green fuel provides at least an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions vs. conventional petroleum-based fuel.

Supported by environmental and health groups  50+ environmental and health groups (including WWF-Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, The Pembina Institute, The Lung Association, The Asthma Society) not only support Bullfrog, but also choose Bullfrog’s green energy for their own facilities.
wwfpembinaDavid Suzuki Foundationlung_logoasthma_society
Bullfrog – local sourcing All of Bullfrog’s energy comes from within Canada. At least 50% of customers’ electricity is sourced within their region.
Certifications bcorpBullfrog Power is a Certified B Corp. B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Bullfrog has been awarded B Corp’s Best for Overall (2015), Best for the Environment (2012-2018), Best for Workers (2013-2018) and Best for Governance (2017-2018).
CDP accredited CDP logoCDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) has accredited Bullfrog Power as its first Canada-focused renewable energy partner. “Companies that choose to disclose their emissions using CDP’s guidelines need to have reputable choices when it comes to reducing the impact of the energy they consume. With Bullfrog Power, CDP now has a collaborator focusing exclusively on the Canadian market with a renewable energy solution for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact and support the development of new, community-based renewable energy projects across Canada.” Paul Robins, Head of Partnerships, CDP.
Awards Green Toronto Award for Market Transformation, Group Leadership Award (CanWEA), Leader of Year Award (OEA), ImagineCALGARY Leadership in Sustainability Award, Small Company of Year (OEA), Canada’s Clean16.
Emissions displaced since 2005 1.85+ million tonnes of CO2
Green power injected into grid since 2005 5+ million MWh
Green natural gas injected into pipeline since 2005 12+ million GJ
Green fuel injected into Canadian fuel system since 2015 1.7+ million litres
Community-based renewable energy projects Bullfrog has supported 150+ across Canada (including wind, solar, biogas)
Green energy sources Electricity: wind and low-impact hydro. Green natural gas: organic material at a Canadian landfill. Green fuel: waste streams such as cooking oil from restaurants and kitchen facilities.
Homes choosing Bullfrog 10,000+ across Canada
Businesses choosing Bullfrog 1,200 (including Unilever, BMO, RBC, and TD)
Donations Bullfrog Power donates a portion of its after-tax operating profits to organizations that support environmental sustainability.
Events that have been bullfrogpowered JUNOs, RBC Canadian Open, Rogers Cup, Canada Winter Games, Manulife LPGA and Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts Band and The Sheepdogs concerts
Regional offices Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto
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