Lindt is bullfrogpowering its entire Canadian operations with 100 per cent green energy

Lindt chooses green energy

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Lindt is choosing both 100 per cent green electricity and 100 per cent green natural gas with Bullfrog Power for its entire Canadian operations, including all offices, distribution facilities and 26 boutique locations.

“We’re always striving to deliver a superior chocolate experience for Canadians to enjoy while meeting the highest standards of ethics and sustainability,” said Rudi Blatter, President & CEO, Lindt & Sprüngli (Canada) Inc. “Our commitment to green energy with Bullfrog Power builds on our achievements in sustainable sourcing, production and consumption of our products and takes us to a new level of environmental action.”

In addition to choosing clean, pollution-free energy with Bullfrog Power, Lindt’s global ethical and sustainability initiatives include:

    • Striving for traceability of ingredients, supporting farmer training and helping to improve agricultural practices through the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program.
    • Continually working to reduce the use of energy, water and paper during production. From 2008 to 2014, Lindt reduced water consumption by 39 per cent per tonne produced and reduced CO2 emissions by 16 per cent per tonne produced.
    • Founding the Lindt Cocoa Foundation in 2013. The not-for-profit organization works to achieve social and ecological sustainability in the cultivation, production and processing of cocoa and other raw materials used in chocolate production.


You have the power to make a real difference for the environment!

You have the power to make a differenceWhen you bullfrogpower your home, we ensure the power going on the grid for your home is from 100% clean, green sources.

With this one simple action, you’ll help put more green energy on the power grid and move Canada away from fossil fuel dependence.

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It’s a simple, but powerful choice!


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