Kluane Wind Feasibility Project

Project we're supporting

Partner: Kluane Community Development Limited Partnership, the Government of Yukon, Kluane First Nation

In June 2018, the Kluane First Nation broke ground for the Kluane N’tsi (Wind) Energy Project, a three-turbine wind farm with a combined capacity of 300 kW.

The ground breaking ceremony took place on June 21—National Indigenous Peoples Day. Bullfrog Power provided support for the project at a critical and early stage in development. When completed, the wind farm will enable the Kluane First Nation to reduce its impact on the land, improve the health of local inhabitants (by lowering the amount of toxins produced by diesel energy generation) and help the First Nation take action on climate change.

The project also provides a new revenue stream for the community—while building and maintaining the project has created jobs and developed skills within the community.

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