Learn More about Green Natural Gas

Understanding the challenge with conventional fossil fuel-based natural gas

The natural gas we use in our homes and businesses for heating and cooking has a significant impact on our environment. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, like oil, and not a renewable form of energy. When we burn natural gas to power our appliances or for heating purposes, carbon that was once stored underground is released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

Ultimately, relying on natural gas increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, contributing to the global problem of climate change.

How green natural gas works

Green natural gas comes from decaying organic matter in landfills—like orange peels, egg shells and grass clippings—and wastewater treatment plants or anaerobic digesters. When this natural material decomposes, an energy-rich gas is produced that can be cleaned and then injected into the natural gas system—similar to the way in which green electricity is injected into the electricity system with Bullfrog.

When used, green natural gas releases only the carbon dioxide that is part of the natural carbon cycle and would be produced in any event by the decay of organic waste. It is the same carbon dioxide that is needed by the next generation of plants and animals to grow.

Unlike fossil fuel-based natural gas, green natural gas does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is considered a net-zero carbon dioxide emissions energy source that enables us to use appliances and heat our homes and businesses without contributing to climate change.

Bullfrog’s green natural gas option

Sourced from unique, ground-breaking methane-capture projects situated on Canadian landfills or wastewater treatment facilities, Bullfrog’s green natural gas is a climate-friendly alternative to conventional, polluting natural gas. Through this innovative technology, biogas is captured, cleaned up, and injected onto a natural gas pipeline, displacing fossil-fuel based gas and reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Our facilities meet strict environmental standards as defined by ICF International, a global consulting firm that specializes in environmental issues.

Bullfrogpowering your business or home with green natural gas is easy. You continue to draw conventional gas from the pipeline—just as you always have—and Bullfrog injects green natural gas into the pipeline on your behalf.

When you choose Bullfrog Power’s green natural gas, you

Reduce your environmental impact

Homes and businesses support a clean, renewable energy resource that does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Its alternative, fossil fuel-based natural gas, extracts carbon stored within the earth and releases it into the air as carbon dioxide, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and contributing to climate change.

With Bullfrog’s green natural gas, you reduce your home’s or business’ gas-related carbon dioxide emissions, help reduce the total amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere and take positive action on climate change.

Support a renewable gas resource

The source of green natural gas is organic material, such as orange peels, egg shells and other biodegradable waste that we produce every day, including wastewater. As new animals and plants grow, live and die, and as organic waste is generated, the source of green natural gas is constantly being replenished, making it a renewable resource.

Completely green all of your energy requirements

If you are already bullfrogpowering your home or business with 100% green electricity, signing on for our green natural gas product will enable you to completely green your home’s or business’ energy requirements. Your energy will be 100% green, renewable and climate friendly.

Reduce the reliance on fossil fuels

By displacing fossil fuel-based natural gas with green natural gas, you reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuel-based energy sources.

Retain the right to the environmental benefits

Whenever a unit of green natural gas (which can be quantified as a cubic metre (m3) or its equivalent heat content, gigajoule (GJ)), is produced by one of Bullfrog’s renewable production facilities and injected onto the natural gas pipeline system, a corresponding Green Natural Gas Certificate (GNGC) is created to represent the positive environmental benefits associated with producing green natural gas. When you choose Bullfrog Power’s green natural gas, we ensure that these GNGCs are retired on your behalf, preventing double counting of the benefits and giving you the right to retain the environmental benefits.

Support a high-quality, ENGO-endorsed Canadian renewable energy product

Bullfrog’s green natural gas facilities meet strict environmental standards as defined by ICF International. Our product has also earned the endorsement of leading environmental groups, including the Pembina Institute.

Our green natural gas product is also audited annually to verify that as much green natural gas has been injected onto the pipeline as our customers have purchased, and that we have retired all emissions credits related to customer contracts.

Send a strong message about the importance of renewable energy

Your decision to become bullfrogpowered sets an example for friends, neighbours, business leaders and policy makers, and sends a powerful message that new renewable energy is important to our environment and our economy. The more people who demand clean, renewable energy, the stronger the message.

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