Learn More about Green Fuel

Bullfrog Power’s green fuel is an earth-friendly, renewable alternative to liquid fossil fuel, allowing climate-conscious Canadians to reduce the environmental impact of their transportation.

Why green fuel?

  • Transportation is responsible for more than a quarter of all emissions in North America.
  • When paired with renewable power, electric vehicles present an emissions-free alternative; however, today, EVs represent less than 0.1% of vehicles on the road.
  • Bullfrog Power’s green fuel gives individuals and businesses the ability to address their transportation-related emissions while helping to green the Canadian fuel system and lower our dependence on petroleum-based products.

Our green fuel is:
Low carbon: At least an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions vs. conventional petroleum-based fuel.

Healthier: Rapidly biodegradable, carcinogen-free and low in other pollutants and particulate emissions.

Made from waste: Sources may include underutilized or landfill-destined materials, such as used cooking oils from restaurants.

Avoids food versus fuel: Doesn’t require land to grow biofuel crops, preventing food vs. fuel conflicts.

How it works
Bullfrog Power ensures that renewable fuel is injected onto the Canadian fuel system on its customers’ behalf, displacing polluting fossil fuels litre-for-litre.

  • Bullfrog Power sources from biodiesel producers that repurpose waste streams from food manufacturing and used cooking oils from restaurants and kitchen facilities.
  • Bullfrog Power works directly with renewable energy developers, operators and in this case producers and distributors (blenders) to ensure the green energy is produced and injected into the appropriate energy system.
  • Bullfrog Power’s green fuel is audited by Deloitte to verify that as much green fuel has been injected onto the Canadian fuel system as our customers have purchased and that we have retired all GHG emissions credits related to customer contracts, thereby preventing double counting of GHG reductions.Bullfrog's Green Fuel
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