Edmonton’s Metterra Hotel is now the largest in Canada to be 100 per cent bullfrogpowered with green electricity


Edmonton, February 25, 2015—Today Bullfrog Power®, Canada’s leading green energy provider, and Metterra, an Edmonton lifestyle hotel, are announcing that Metterra Hotel on Whyte is now the largest hotel in Canada to have its entire premises bullfrogpowered with 100 per cent clean, pollution-free electricity.

“Metterra on Whyte is proving itself as a green energy leader in both Edmonton and the Canadian hospitality industry,” said Anthony Santilli, Vice President, Sales, Bullfrog Power. “What makes Metterra’s green energy commitment so impressive is that it is the largest hotel in Canada to bullfrogpower its entire premises, which means that it is taking into account the environmental impact of all of the electricity it uses.”

Through the agreement, Bullfrog Power’s generators put 100 per cent clean, pollution-free electricity onto the grid to match the amount of power Metterra Hotel uses. Bullfrog’s green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities.

“Metterra Hotel’s close proximity to the Edmonton River Valley reminds us that we need to do our part to provide our guests with a more sustainable stay,” said Hans Von Bloedau, Vice President of Hotels, Westcorp Properties, Metterra Hotel. “Supporting renewable energy with Bullfrog Power puts Metterra Hotel at the forefront of Canadian green energy supporters in the hospitality space—but most importantly, it’s the right thing to do.”

Metterra Hotel on Whyte is a Westcorp property. Westcorp is a full service real estate company that specializes in the ownership and management of residential, retail, office, hospitality and mixed-use projects.

“We share our guests’ philosophy of doing what we can to care for the environment and to minimize our carbon footprint. We hear regularly from them how important even the smallest initiatives are and make green sustainability a priority in our operation,” said Dawn Li, General Manager, Metterra Hotel.

Through the green energy commitments of Metterra Hotel and bullfrogpowered customers across Canada, Bullfrog Power is able to provide critical financing to support the development of new green energy projects from coast-to-coast. In Alberta, Bullfrog Power Projects include the support of renewable energy initiatives in Starland County and the construction of new solar installations in Black Diamond and at Banff Community High School.

About Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, offers renewable energy solutions that enable individuals and businesses to reduce their environmental impact, support the development of green energy projects in Canada and help create a cleaner, healthier world. As a Certified B Corporation, Bullfrog Power meets higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Thousands of individuals and businesses in Canada are doing their part to address climate change and air pollution by choosing green energy with Bullfrog Power. Sign up easily, quickly and affordably at bullfrogpower.com.

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About Metterra
Metterra is an authentic lifestyle hotel offering a contemporary hospitality experience to travelers who appreciate accessible luxury. Business travelers can enjoy close proximity to the University of Alberta, downtown and south Edmonton business and government districts. From its prominent location on Whyte Avenue in the centre of Edmonton’s trendiest neighbourhood, you’ll find the city’s most walkable district and dozens of boutiques, cafés, coffee shops and pubs. The Edmonton river valley is a few blocks away and offers miles of cycling and walking paths, parks and off leash areas. For more information, visitmetterra.com.
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Jon McKay
Public Relations Manager
Tel: 416.360.3464 ext 239
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Contact Metterra

Jane Jess
Director of Demand and Reputation Management, Westcorp Properties
Tel: 780.465.8151
Email: jjess@westcorp.net

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