Bullfrog Power’s green energy and the new carbon pricing programs in Ontario and Alberta: your questions answered

Green Future

Will my Bullfrog purchase exempt me from paying the carbon tax or carbon levy in my province?

Here at Bullfrog Power, the team is pleased to see increasing provincial, federal and international action on climate to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. We’re supportive of a variety of both market-based and policy-based mechanisms to reduce carbon and fight climate change. We recognize that our customers may have questions about how these programs affect your decision to choose green energy from Bullfrog Power. Unfortunately, at this time, a Bullfrog Power purchase does not qualify for credits or fee exemptions under current provincial carbon pricing programs.

Bullfrog continues to monitor, and where appropriate, provide input into the development and implementation of these programs. We have been in discussions with government in an effort to explore how our customers’ commitment to green energy might be reflected in evolving carbon fee programs. Our organization will be sure to share relevant information, particularly with respect to any updates or impacts on our customers, as it becomes available.

It is important to note, however, that—similar to the B.C. carbon tax—the new carbon pricing programs in Ontario and Alberta do not apply to electricity. The fees do apply to natural gas and will be collected by your local natural gas distributor.

In addition, it’s important to recognize that your green energy commitment remains as important as ever. Customers who choose Bullfrog are going above and beyond the required carbon fees imposed by government and, ultimately, are taking a proactive leadership role on the environment. By taking a stand for the environment with Bullfrog, you are:

  • Ensuring your energy is 100% green, thereby eliminating your emissions footprint. As a result, there is no emissions footprint (CO2, NOx, SO2, radioactive waste, etc) from the production of your energy. You directly reduce your home’s or organization’s environmental impact and in doing so, you help take action on air pollution and climate change. With Bullfrog Power, you can claim your energy footprint is 100% emissions-free.
  • Displacing energy from polluting sources on our energy systems—sources that produce CO2, NOx, SO2, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter and/or radioactive waste.
  • Setting an example for friends, neighbours, business leaders and policy makers by proactively making the choice for green energy. The growing bullfrogpowered community is sending a powerful message that new renewable energy is important to our environment and future.

We thank you for your continued leadership. Should you have any further questions about the new carbon pricing programs and your Bullfrog account, please contact customerservice@bullfrogpower.com.

Aren’t I paying twice if I’m paying fees into a carbon tax or carbon levy under a cap-and-trade program?

It’s important to recognize that government managed carbon pricing mechanisms take many forms, with fees collected not necessarily funding renewable energy projects.

For example, fees may be directed to funding infrastructure initiatives such as public transit, EV charging infrastructure or incentivizing buildings to implement efficiency measures.

In short, government-based carbon pricing regulations therefore complement—as opposed to duplicate—the work of Bullfrog Power. The collective work of the Bullfrog community continues to be critical to advancing renewables in Canada.

Through your Bullfrog commitment, you are ensuring your personal energy use is 100% green, reducing your GHG emissions footprint. You are also helping to fund the development of community-based renewable projects all across Canada, from building solar panels on schools to helping remote Indigenous communities reduce their reliance on diesel fuel. Read about some of the projects we’ve helped bring online and lives we’ve impacted here.

To date, the bullfrogpowered community has helped to fund more than 70 renewable energy projects nationwide. Customers who choose Bullfrog are going above and beyond the required carbon fees imposed upon them and, ultimately, taking a leadership role on the environment.

Bullfrog Power, the voluntary market and carbon pricing systems

Bullfrog’s products are designed for individuals and organizations that choose to voluntarily pay more for renewable energy rather than polluting forms of energy. A healthy, growing voluntary market sends a signal to government that Canadians want to further green and clean our energy systems and support community based renewable energy projects – and that many are willing to pay a premium to accomplish these goals. Canadians’ enthusiasm for protecting our environment through their energy purchasing indirectly influences government to continue pushing forward with renewable friendly policies. In that sense, the voluntary market is a lot like a bullfrog – a small but powerful voice that demands to be heard! Bullfrog further sends ripples through the energy debate by working closely with environmental partners such as WWF-Canada and the Pembina Institute to lobby for improved energy regulation and standards.

Bullfrog Power, while positively influencing the broader energy landscape in Canada, does not itself receive any government support or subsidies. We do not source our green energy from any government subsidized projects such as Ontario’s FIT or microFIT generation sites.

And it’s important to recognize that, while government programs are making important progress, a very long road still lies ahead to reach a 100% renewable or zero carbon future. Currently in Ontario, less than 10% of our electricity comes from new, non-hydro renewables, which is why the voluntary market continues to be a critical part of the equation.

If you have any further questions about the new carbon pricing programs and your Bullfrog account, please contact customerservice@bullfrogpower.com.

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