500 – 999 MWh or 3,500 – 6,999 GJ or equivalent combination*

Profile – Sisters of St. Joseph


“Humans have dominated the planet at the expense of the natural world. Now it is becoming very clear to us what the real cost is: the loss of species, loss of beauty and damage to human health, especially the most poor on the planet. For us, switching to Bullfrog was an ethical and spiritual choice. It is one way in which we can reduce our footprint on the earth.”

Sister Valerie Van Cauwenberghe
Congregational Leadership

The Sisters of St. Joseph of London have demonstrated their commitment to the environment by building a new residence based on LEED® standards. They also participate in a National Roundtable on Climate Change through their Office for Systemic Justice. The Chapel and suites in their new residence are bullfrogpowered.