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Profile – Egg Farmers of Canada


“Egg Farmers of Canada is always looking for ways to make the egg industry more sustainable. Inspired by the environmental stewardship of the farmers we represent, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact through specialized R&D, and through unique programs, like our Office Green Initiative. Through these actions we hope to lead the way to a more sustainable egg industry in Canada and abroad.”

Tim Lambert
Chief Executive Officer
Egg Farmers of Canada

Egg Farmers of Canada strives to weave the values of social and environmental responsibility into everything it does. From assessing the sustainability of its supply chain, to implementing office environmental initiatives, Egg Farmers of Canada is committed to making the egg industry as sustainable as possible.

In 2013, Egg Farmers of Canada partnered with Bullfrog Power to expand its existing Office Green Initiative, which aims to minimize its office-related environmental impact. Through the agreement, Bullfrog Power provides both green electricity and green natural gas for Egg Farmers of Canada’s Ottawa office.

Through their Office Green Initiative, Egg Farmers of Canada also promotes and encourages:

  • Alternatives to travel with a video conferencing system
  • Reduction in paper consumption by encouraging the distribution of online documents
  • Recycling of paper, glass, plastic, batteries, metal and office equipment through a range of recycling programs
  • Daily use of reusable water containers by offering filtered tap water.

This partnership was inspired by the many Canadian egg farmers that use alternative energy sources and those who are exploring new management practices to minimize the impact of egg farming on the environment, despite the industry’s smaller environmental footprint relative to other types of farming.

Together, with its employees, farmers and partners, Egg Farmers of Canada challenges itself to find new ways in the office and across the country to have a positive impact on the environment.