The Taylor Family

“By conserving, recycling and sourcing locally, we’re leaving a smaller footprint today and helping to create a cleaner environment for our son in the future. We’re happy to source green power from Bullfrog as part of that plan.”

– Pam Taylor, Bullfrog Founders Club member


The Taylor family is part of the Bullfrog 100, a group of customers who were the first to sign on with Bullfrog Power for green electricity in 2005. In addition to sourcing green power, the family makes environmental sustainability a part of daily life. A vegetable garden in the backyard supplies many of the summer veggies the family cooks with, and other produce is sourced locally and organically.

As a professional chef, Jason Taylor believes he can provide families with healthy, organic meals while helping them save on gas and carbon emissions. Taylor cooks entrees in family-sized dishes that can be frozen—his clients don’t need to drive to a restaurant or have a pizza delivered on nights when they need a quick and simple meal. Pam Taylor, a teacher, practices litter-less lunches with her students and has helped develop a comprehensive recycling program in her classrooms.