John Lorinc

“Signing on with Bullfrog was a logical step for us. We’ve been trying to reduce our energy consumption in various ways — replacing old windows, sealing cracks, turning down the thermostat in the winter, turning off lights, minimizing use of the A/C, and so on. Supporting green power is a really important part of all this, and buying our hydro from Bullfrog seems to be the best way to help build that market.”


John Lorinc is an award-winning Toronto journalist and author who specializes in urban affairs, politics, education, culture and business. Born in Toronto, he obtained degrees in Mathematics (University of Toronto, 1987) and Journalism (Carleton, 1988) before launching his career as a freelance reporter. John has contributed to numerous Canadian publications since the late 1980s, including The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Canadian Business, ROB Magazine, Toronto Life, Quill & Quire, CA Magazine, Saturday Night, Spacing, The Walrus and Readers Digest Canada. During the early 2000s, John served as the National Affairs Chair for PEN Canada, and is the co-founder and current vice-president of the Canadian Coalition for School Libraries.

John is the author of “Opportunity Knocks: The Truth About Canada’s Franchise Industry” (Prentice Hall Canada, 1995), a work of investigative business journalism that was shortlisted for the 1995 National Business Book Awards. He is also a contributor to “uTOpia: Towards a New Toronto (Coach House, 2005), a collection of essays on what works about Canada’s largest city. In his latest book, “The New City”, John explores the complex causes behind the problems now afflicting Canada’s metropolitan centres. He offers up an alternative vision of how to make them sustainable, livable and competitive.

John Lorinc lives with his wife, Victoria Foote, editor-in-chief of ON Nature Magazine, and their two sons Jacob and Samuel, in their bullfrogpowered home in Toronto. John and Victoria enjoy traveling, hiking on the Bruce Trail, and cottaging in Haliburton.

Visit John Lorinc’s web site at

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