Jim Dawes

“You just have to turn on the news to see the effect that we are having on the environment, and I felt that I needed to do my part to limit that effect. We all have to start somewhere, so we might as well start with our homes. Switching my home to Bullfrog Power was an easy way for me to contribute to reducing the impact I have on the environment. The more people that switch to clean energy, the better it is for all of us.”


For the past six years, Jim Dawes has put his life on the line for his community every day. As a firefighter in Barrie, Ontario, Jim is very familiar with the challenges and sacrifices it takes to protect people and keep them safe. One day when he was watching the noon news, he saw a piece on Bullfrog Power and realized it was time to take up another challenge – protecting the environment. Already running a green home by recycling and composting, Jim and his sister, who shares the house and is also a firefighter, saw switching to Bullfrog as the natural next step in reducing their home’s environmental impact. Jim knew that there would be an incremental cost increase with the switch to Bullfrog Power, and this sparked an active regime of conservation around the house. He replaced all his conventional light bulbs with lower energy compact fluorescent bulbs and became more aware of making sure lights and other electrical devices were turned off in rooms when they weren’t needed. He expects that this ongoing conservation effort should offset much of the increased cost of making the switch to Bullfrog Power.

Jim’s active concern for the environment is an expression of his passion for the outdoors. When not fighting fires, Jim can be found canoeing, mountain biking, camping, or participating in almost any other activity that gets him outside in his spare time. He is also very active in the local community, engaging in a number of charitable causes both in conjunction with the Barrie Fire Department and on a personal level as well.