Jack Gibbons

“I switched to Bullfrog Power because I want to help Ontario phase-out coal and create a 100% renewable electricity system for our grandchildren.”


Chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance and Director of Pollution Probe’s Energy Programme, Jack Gibbons is a powerful voice in the bid to phase out coal in Ontario’s electricity mix. His efforts to educate Ontarians about the links between coal-fired electricity generation and poor air quality have helped to raise public awareness of the problem, and spur action on the issue in the community as well as at the policy-making level. Previously, Jack served as a Toronto Hydro Commissioner; a member of the Ontario Energy Board staff; Senior Economic Advisor with the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy; and Economist with Energy Probe. Jack studied economics at the University of Toronto (B.A.), Queen’s University (M.A.), and the University of British Columbia. In his spare time, Jack is a keen outdoorsman, enjoying cross-country skiing, biking, and tennis.