David Adams

Bullfrog Founders Club

david_adams“The challenges facing our planet seem so complex and overwhelming that I find it difficult to see how I, as a solitary individual, can possibly make a difference. As Confucius said, however, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,’ and I think we need to take the same approach to our current energy and environmental challenges. Choosing Bullfrog Power was an easy, relatively painless step for our family to take to reduce our impact on the environment.”

David is the President of the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada (AIAMC), a non-profit industry association representing the interests of thirteen of the world’s most respected vehicle brands. AIAMC members are leaders in the areas of vehicle safety, fuel efficiency and advanced technologies. The automotive industry has always been in David’s blood as his father worked for the former American Motors of Canada Limited, and prior to joining the AIAMC, David spent 17 years in various capacities with the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association.

David views working in the automotive industry as compatible with his environmental perspective. He notes, “It’s all about balance and perspective. The automotive industry is one of the engines of the Canadian economy employing hundreds of thousands of people, and we live in a large country where people often have to travel vast distances. The private automobile is often the best (or only) way of crossing those distances. There are an increasing number of vehicles that represent more environmentally responsible choices when consumers go to purchase new cars. Each of us, however, needs to think about how we use the vehicles we have in a responsible manner. It’s so easy to just jump in the car to go to the corner store.”

David is also a regular columnist in the monthly trade magazine Canadian Auto World. He and his wife Julie and their daughter Elizabeth live in Scarborough.