Bullfrogpowered nonprofits

Many ENGOS (environmental non-governmental organizations) and environmental associations have bullfrogpowered their facilities in support of clean, renewable energy. We thank all of them for their leadership.

“Using only habitat-friendly renewable energy is vital to combating climate change so that nature, wildlife and people can thrive together. Bullfrog Power is an important part of that fight, and World Wildlife Fund Canada is proud to be bullfrogpowered.”

Megan Leslie
President and CEO

David Suzuki Foundation logo

“Bullfrog Power offers a simple but powerful way to take the lead in supporting the development of renewable energy and reducing our environmental impact.”

Steve Cornish
Chief Executive Officer
David Suzuki Foundation 

“It’s imperative Canadians make the choice for renewable energy today. It’s an easy, but important step we can all take to help the environment and
fight climate change.”

Glen Murray
Executive Director
Pembina Institute

Some of the nonprofit organizations choosing green energy with Bullfrog Power:

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