Richard Worzel

Futurist, Author, and Bullfrog Founders Club member

“I’ve been a skeptic about global warming for decades, having worzelwatched earlier apocalyptic warnings about things like the population time bomb fizzle, and warnings about a new ice age melt away in the 1970s.

“Yet, as a professional futurist, I must accept when I’m wrong and make new assessments based on evidence. It’s clear now from the evidence that climate change is happening, and that humanity is at least a major contributor. And if you really accept that, and are honest with yourself, then you must also do something about it.

“My family and I recycled glass and bottles before there were blue bins. We composted before green bins appeared. We bought a smaller, more fuel efficient car last time around, and take transit as first preference. We switched to compact fluorescents before there were incentives. So when the opportunity arose to buy 100 per cent renewable energy through Bullfrog, we decided that the extra cost was not a cost at all, but an investment in a more efficient future.

“And if enough people buy into green power, then economies of scale will eventually make it less expensive than carbon-polluting sources. It can be a double win for us all.”

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