Morgan Hicks

Bullfrog Founders Club member

Bullfrog Founders Club member Morgan Hicks works in the field of air pollution research, studying and analyzing the effects of air quality on health. An Ontario resident, she lives with her husband and son in Ottawa. The Hicks signed on for green electricity with Bullfrog in 2008, and in 2011 they chose to bullfrogpower their home with green natural gas.

BP: When did you first develop an interest in the hicksenvironment?

MH: To be honest, I was a bit of a late bloomer. I grew up just outside Halifax, where the ocean, lakes and forest were always nearby. I grew accustomed to having nature a part of my everyday life. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized I was taking nature for granted—and from that point on I have been taking action.

BP: How did you first hear about Bullfrog Power?

MH: I learned about Bullfrog Power through an ad in the local newspaper. After my husband and I did some research on Bullfrog online, we decided to sign on.

BP: Were you aware of the environmental impacts of conventional natural gas before you signed on for Bullfrog’s green natural gas?

MH: Of course. Unfortunately, today we have become so accustomed to thinking that fossil fuels are necessary to preserving our way of life. We are willing to sacrifice the quality of our air, water, and soil in order to preserve it. Bullfrog Power shows us that there is another way—a better way, and one that can exist within our current economic framework.

BP: How did you first hear about Bullfrog’s green natural gas offering?

MH: Since our household was already bullfrogpowered with green electricity, we were one of the first customers to be notified about the green natural gas offering. After learning about green natural gas through Bullfrog’s email and “How it works” video, I was sold. I was impressed with Bullfrog’s ability to implement such a creative and innovative alternative to fossil fuel-based natural gas.

BP: Why did you decide to bullfrogpower your home with both green electricity and green natural gas?

MH: By bullfrogpowering my home, I feel as though I’m doing my part. We expect industry and government to make the environment a priority, but these expectations are unrealistic unless we are also willing to pay more and make the environment a priority in our own lives. The reality is that all of us are part of the solution.

BP: What does supporting green natural gas mean to you and your family?

MH: Supporting green natural gas means supporting a future where life on this planet is respected. It means sending a message that Canadians will support a green economy, even if it means digging deeper into our pocketbooks. Supporting green natural gas means using your dollar to vote for a future that is not reliant on fossil fuels but one that is powered by clean, renewable energy.

BP: What other things have you done in your personal life to reduce your environmental impact?

MH: Both my husband and I take public transit or bike to work. We have one small
fuel-efficient car that we use when walking, biking or taking public transit aren’t feasible. We have a programmable thermostat that we set to 16oC when we are away at work or are sleeping. As well, we try to eat less meat by being “weekday vegetarians.” We try to make informed consumer decisions by supporting companies that are trying to reduce their environmental impact. We’ve also recently installed low-flow toilets. And of course, we recycle and compost.

BP: If you had one message for all Canadians about taking action on the environment, what would that message be?

MH: We are currently in the middle of an energy revolution in Canada. The future of green energy is being created by the decisions that we make today. By choosing green energy, you’re voting for the future you want and the future that we all deserve.

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