Laura Franceschini

Bullfrog Founders Club

Laura Franceschini works as a sustainability coordinator for a globallaura consulting firm, helping clients incorporate environmentally friendly measures into their operations. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Laura signed on for Bullfrog Power in 2007.

BP: When did you first develop an interest in the environment?

LF: Looking back, I remember being interested in the environment as a child. However, it was when I attended university that I truly became invested in sustainability issues. Enrolling in an environmentally focused study program, I studied biological sciences and psychology in relation to the environment.

To this day, I am still fascinated by these subjects. In my job, I get to continuously learn more about how people approach environmental solutions and what motivates them to act.

BP: Why did you decide to become bullfrogpowered?

LF: I am a passionate supporter of renewable energy. I think green electricity is an important part of Canada’s energy future, and we need to move away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible. Our country is still reliant on fossil fuels when there are better, cleaner solutions for energy generation available. We can do better.

BP: What else do you do to reduce your environmental impact?

LF: Around the house, we keep the lights off whenever possible and most of our electrical appliances are plugged into power bars. We avoid using our clothes dryer, and hang our clothes out to dry instead. We also make good use of passive solar heating and cooling in our home.

When my husband and I got married, we took a number of steps to green our wedding. For example, we offset the emissions of our guests’ air travel, I purchased a wedding dress locally made from organic hemp and silk fibers, and we exchanged wedding rings that were crafted from recycled gold and fair trade gems. In addition, we served primarily organic food, and made almost exclusive use of local vendors for products and services. In the end, we dedicated a whole section of our program to explaining how we greened our wedding. Our guests really seemed to appreciate the efforts we took.

BP: Has your profession given you a deeper insight into how to be more sustainable in your personal life?

LF: I think it has made an impact on how I reduce my personal environmental footprint. I see environmentalism as a continuous journey, where each new step makes a big difference. I believe people can always do more to reduce their impact and I am continually trying to do so.

BP: If you had one message for all Canadians about taking action on the environment, what would that message be?

LF: We should learn more about the issues that affect us. Climate change is a complex topic, and when it comes to critical global issues that impact our lives, our children’s lives and our future, we should all make efforts to ensure we know as much as possible about them and their impact on the world around us. Only when we have widespread understanding of these issues will we be able to deal with them effectively.

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