Kevin McLaughlin and Family

Bullfrog Founders Club member

“Since much of our impact comes from the personal consumption mclaughlindecisions that we make – often more expensive for less impact – I think it’s important to set an example and get some momentum for further investment and improvement. In addition to making our home more energy efficient, I really like the idea that becoming bullfrogpowered means that the energy my family does use is low impact and renewable. And, we’re helping to build a renewable industry in Ontario, which gives us energy and economic security.”

Kevin McLaughlin is President and founder of AutoShare, Toronto’s smart alternative to owning a car. He has been an enviro-preneur since he graduated from Queen’s University with a B.Comm in 1989, helping to launch (a national non-profit bringing nature to cities) and Vancouver’s Co-operative Auto Network (one of the first car sharing programs in the world). Along the way, he has developed an appreciation for the power of media in communicating ideas, helping to launch Vancouver Television (1997/98) and numerous web-based magazines and NGOs. He has run only once for public office (Vancouver Parks Board), and is continuing a family tradition in the automobile industry that dates back to 1867. Kevin lives with his wife and son in Cabbagetown.


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