Evelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg

Bullfrog Founders Club

Evelyn & George

Four years ago, Evelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg and her husband, George Ivanoff, decided to bullfrogpower their home in Richmond Hill, Ontario. They have been members of the bullfrogpowered community ever since. Evelyn worked as a veterinarian for 30 years before selling her business early this year. She currently spends her time studying the outdoors as a naturalist.

BP: Why did you decide to become bullfrogpowered?

EH: The issue of electricity—who is supplying it and where it comes from—is important to us. We have always been active in voicing our opinions on how electricity is generated in Canada. For example, in 1978, my husband George and I marched to protest the building of the Darlington nuclear power plant in Clarington, Ontario. Ultimately, we share an understanding that we need electricity to live, but many conventional electricity sources severely impact the environment.

With Bullfrog, we are given the opportunity to choose green electricity. We bullfrogpower our home because we want to reduce our environmental footprint. The fact that Bullfrog’s electricity is locally sourced is important to us—it means we’re also supporting the growth of our local renewables industry. Becoming bullfrogpowered was a choice that we made in order to do our part for the planet and our local community.

BP: What else do you do to reduce your environmental impact?

EH: We are proud to say we have raised three children in a sustainable home. When we first purchased our home, we planted a deciduous shade tree on the south side to help keep the house cool during the summer months. We have also installed a solar water heater—and of course we choose green electricity to power our home.

BP: As a naturalist, what do you do? Do you spend a lot of time outdoors?

EH: Naturalists are people who are interested in subjects such as birding, plants and geography; basically, we go out and examine the natural world. For us, hiking and observing the world around us is one of the most important forms of entertainment. As George and I live near the Oak Ridges Moraine, we have expansive and interesting hiking trails just in our backyard.

We appreciate the opportunities we have to explore the natural world. The sights you can see in your own backyard can be incredible, and just might surprise you.

BP: If you had one message to send to all Canadians about taking action on the environment, what would that message be?

EH: We have to demand clean energy, even if it costs more, and we need to be willing to pay the true cost of conventional electricity generation. We need to do our part and do more for the environment—not just to preserve nature for ourselves, but for our children as well.

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