Bullfrog Ambassadors

Have you seen us at your door?

Be Powerful buttonBullfrog Power is currently going directly into communities in Ontario to talk to Canadians about energy, and to let them know they have a green energy choice for their homes.

Our hope is that more and more people will choose green energy—and help us fight climate change and air pollution and create a clean energy future!

Listed below are our Bullfrog Power Ambassadors, who you may see at your door. If you have a good experience with your Bullfrog Ambassador, email marketing@bullfrogpower.com to let us know! Conversely, if you felt uncomfortable by the visit, we would like to know as well.

If someone knocks from “Bullfrog” and they aren’t pictured below, they are not with Bullfrog Power and do not represent our company. It would be very helpful if you could tell us about the experience at the email above.

Thank you!

Name: Carlie
Background: Bachelor of Science student in Biochemistry
Interests: Basketball, volunteering, painting, baking and movies
Environmental heroes: David Suzuki and Leonardo DiCaprio

Name: Jeremy
Background: Advanced Diploma of Business Administration, Marketing
Interests: Reading, running, travel and sustainable marketing
Environmental hero: Elon Musk
Name: Josh
Background: Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Philosophy
Interests: Meditation, canoeing, cooking and Reiki
Environmental heroes: Wangari Maathi and Joel Salatin
Name: Kevin
Background: Bachelor of Arts
Interests: Volunteering for local climate change non-profit groups
Environmental hero: Rachel Carson


Name: Kim
Background: Bachelor of Environmental Studies student
Interests: X-Men comics, Sci-Fi, a good cup of tea and my golden retriever
Environmental heroes: Rachel Carson and David Suzuki
Matt C.
Name: Matt C.
Background: Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Science, Honors
Interests: Environmental sustainability, travelling and outdoor sports
Environmental heroes: Elon Musk and David Suzuki
Name: Matt L.
Background: Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a certificate in Sustainable Energy
Interests: Break dancing, drawing and hiking adventures
Environmental heroes: David Suzuki and Wangari Maathai
Ronelio R.
Name: Ronelio R.
Background: Hons. Bachelor of Arts
Interests: Music, fitness and food
Environmental heroes: Leonardo DiCaprio and Elon Musk
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