Bring your energy and environment curriculum to life with Bullfrog Power!

Let’s face it—it can be challenging to keep students engaged throughout the school year.

See how a Calgary school is getting students excited on the subjects of climate change, energy sources and sustainability in the video below.

Choosing green power for your school is a simple way to bring complex issues that may seem daunting—like our energy challenges—right into the classroom, and to life for your students.

By taking action on climate change with green energy, your students will gain a sense of empowerment—feeling that they can do something about one of the world’s biggest challenges.

How it works

It’s simple! Bullfrog injects 100% clean energy from wind and low-impact hydro sources onto the grid to match the amount of conventional power your school uses. No special wiring or equipment is needed.

We also use our customers’ support to fund community-based green energy projects across Canada—such as solar and wind projects with Indigenous Peoples, schools and community co-ops.

The benefits of going green

By choosing Bullfrog Power, your school will receive the following benefits:

  • 100% clean, green energy put onto the grid on your behalf, displacing energy from polluting sources
  • The right to claim that you’ve eliminated your electricity-related emissions footprint
  • Access to materials about how you are supporting the development of community-based green energy projects across Canada (with regular updates on new projects)
  • A Bullfrog Power representative can come to your school to explain how green energy works, and the challenges we face with climate change
  • PLUS: your students will gain a sense of confidence and empowerment that they are making a difference in the world!

Bullfrog Power – The trusted source

Bullfrog Power is the trusted source for green energy in Canada. A Certified B Corp, our organization pioneered the concept of a green energy audit when we launched in 2005 and all of our products (and community projects) continue to be audited every year. In addition, not only do we receive the endorsement of Canada’s leading health and environmental groups (WWF-Canada, David Suzuki Foundation and The Lung Association, to name a few)—they are also our customers!


To schedule a meeting, fill out the following form and a Bullfrog Power representative will be in touch.

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