10 tips for going green at work


This September, Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, is celebrating 10 years of advancing renewable energy in Canada! As part of our celebrations, Bullfrog is sharing top 10 tips across a variety of topics to help you live a greener lifestyle. If there’s a topic you’d like our green gurus to cover, let us know on Facebook or Twitter or send us an email at marketing@bullfrogpower.com.

Want to go green at work and inspire your colleagues to do the same? Check out the tips below to get started—many of these are inspired by the Bullfrog team!

  1. Make your commute an eco-friendly one—walk, cycle or take public transit instead of driving to work.
  2. Choose fair trade, organic and/or bullfrogpowered coffee. And don’t forget your reusable mug!
  3. Turn down the brightness on your computer screen to conserve energy. When you’re not at your desk, turn your monitor off completely.
  4. Bring your lunch from home in reusable packaging.
  5. When you need to print or copy, do so on recycled paper. And don’t forget to go double-sided!
  6. Consider enrolling in WWF-Canada’s Smart Office Challenge to reduce your workplace’s waste and energy impact.
  7. Avoid using single-use water bottles—instead, opt for tap or filtered water.
  8. Encourage your office or building to compost.
  9. Start a battery recycling program in your office.
  10. Bullfrogpower your office with 100% green energy! Whether it’s a one-room home office or a multi-storey office tower, Bullfrog can help you reduce your organization’s environmental footprint. Learn more about our green energy solutions for businesses here.
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